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Who is eligible to be a member:
> An indivdual, 18 years of age and over
> Membership is only offered to individuals, no famiy memberships
> Membership includes Funeral scheme

Application for membership:
To apply for membership of the Jamaat, a person must submit a written and duly signed application to the Jamaat Management Committee. Application forms are available on our website or by contacting the General Secretary.

Consideration of application:
The Management Committee will decide on the application and advice the applicant on the outcome at the earliest time possible.

Membership Fee:






Full Fledge or General Member
(Employed / Home Duties)




$100 p.a.

Full Fledge or General Member
(Age Pensioner / Senior Retired)




$95 p.a.

Full Fledge or General Member
(University Student)




$50 p.a.