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Summer School Holiday Madressa Program - Click here for details
Jafari Education presents 8 Week Summer School Holiday Madressa Program. The program will be held every Saturday from 9 December 2017 to Saturday 27 January 2018 for kids aged 4 to 13. Learning will be through activities, multimedia, plays, discussions and storytelling. Kids will get opportunity to learn in a fun, interactive and inspiring environment. 

We are pleased to announce a madressa project with the name of JAFARI EDUCATION has been established under Melbourne Jamaat Australia. Following the email dated 12 June 2017 with the request for expression of interest for madressa project, a subcommittee has been formed based on the expression of interests received from the community. Following are the list of Jafari Education sub-committee:

Admin team
Zahid Hussain
Hani Lakhani
Ali Manjee
Tatheer Fatima
Sana Zahid
Sabica Manjee

Management committee formed the sub-committee and invited the sub-committee for a meeting on 9th of August 2017. Management committee presented the vision, aim, objectives and timeline.

Vision of Jafari Education is: "Support parent’s role of providing Islamic education to children from highly trained and continuously developing teachers using contemporary teaching methods in an interactive and inspiring environment in order for students to become best followers of Ahlulbayt (as) and make positive impact on the dynamic society and be confident in Islamic principles and practices."

The sub-committee concluded that the priority is to hold Islamic education short courses during kid’s school holidays. Short courses will allow parents to engage and provide activities for kids in Islamic education during their school holidays. It will also allow sub-committee opportunity to establish resources before opening Madressa in 2018.