KSIJ Melbourne is a religious orgnisation providing services to assist with all aspects of a momin's life. One of the key responsibility of each individual momin is to fulfill his/her obligations of making payments when due, such as Khums, Fitra, Fidya, Radde mazalim etc. Furthermore, Islam emphasises on the importance of giving charity.

KSIJ Melbourne has made it easier for momineen to fulfill these responsibilities by simply completing a form and making payments online, bank transfer or cash and KSIJ Melbourne will take care of the rest. 

Donation Process:
1. Click on the "Donations / Payments" button 
2. Enter the amount for each fund/service
3. Enter your contact details 
4. Select to pay via credit card, bank transfer or cash

If you have any question, inquires or need clarifications, please email or approach anyone of our committee members to assist you.