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Monthly Newsletter #01/2018 
This month newsletter contains: Management Committee Comments, Summer School Update, Award Received by our Jamaat Member, Religious Dates During the Month, Expected Islamic Date and Quiz

Summer School Holiday Madressa Program 

Jafari Education presents 8 Week Summer School Holiday Madressa Program. The program will be held every Saturday from 9 December 2017 to Saturday 20 January 2018 for kids aged 4 to 13. Learning will be through activities, multimedia, plays, discussions and storytelling. Kids will get opportunity to learn in a fun, interactive and inspiring environment. 


KSIJ Melbourne has been granted permission directly from the office of Ayatullah Al-Udhma Al-Sayyid Al-Seestani (may Allah protect him) to collect Khums (both Sehme Sadaat and Sehme Imam). If you have any questions or enquires, please email us at

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KSIJ Melbourne is a religious orgnisation providing services to assist with all aspects of a momin's life. One of the key responsibility of each individual momin is to fulfill his/her obligations of making payments when due, such as Khums, Fitra, Fidya, Radde mazalim etc. Furthermore, Islam emphasises on the importance of giving charity.


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